Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Muslim Dating Made Easy with New Matchmaking Quiz

You'll be hard rpessed to find anyone who can genuinely say that, at least sometimes, Muslim Dating can be an extraordinarily difficult and stressful process. Online dating as a whole carries with it just as much nervousness and tension as it does excitement and opportunity, but when you add a historied and respected religion like Islam to the mix things become slightly more tricky for those seeking their perfect match.

Muslim Dating is a relatively new concept, you see. While western countries have taken to bars, nightclubs and, more recently, online dating services in an attempt to meet and fall in love with the person of their dreams, those raised in a Muslim family have only just recently been introduced to the concepts we've long taken for granted. Traditionally, a Muslim man and woman are introduced through their respective families and are arranged to be married, almost instantly. From here, the couple then grow close and learn more about each other while in the 'engagement period' and are not permitted to 'date' in the modern sense of the word.

With changing times, however, have come changing outlooks. While many Islamic traditionalist still completely shun the mere suggestion of Muslims being permitted to date, a small collection of families who, for lack of a better phrase, are not as strict, are allowing their son's and daughters to 'date' so long as they continue to carry with them the traditions and values with which they were raised. It's because of this trend that Muslim Dating Sites are quickly becoming a boom niche within the online dating industry.

The rate at which these sites are beginning to appear though is something of a phenomenon. Muslim's have gone from having no say in how they search for their dream partner to being handed a bevvy of online options. One dating advice site have gone as far as to creating a Muslim Dating Quiz that narrows down the online dating options for Muslims and, based on the visitors responses to a series of questions, suggests a dating site that may be the best fit for them on their journey toward eternal marriage and happiness.

Regardless of how difficult it once was or how much initial resistance is being presented by more historial elders, the fact is that finding your true love as a Muslim is becoming increasingly easier - not to mention more fun - as each day passes. Regardless of race, age, sex or creed, everyone should have the ability to express themselves and select the person with whom they wish to marry and spend the rest of their lives with. Each online dating site for Islamic visitors that arises is a step toward a more open, enlightened and accepting world and that can be viewed as nothing but a positive as far as this writer is concerned!

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